about us

Welcome to Morning Market, an online street bazaar, sharing the beautiful things from the world over, giving a platform to the artists and makers who dedicate their lives to craftsmanship and keeping culture alive.

At Morning Market, people come before profits. We care deeply about the impact our purchasing habits make on the world. As we conceptualized our business, we knew there were some important questions we needed to be able to answer affirmatively. 

  • Are the products we sell ethically made and sourced?
  • Do our products support cultural preservation?
  • Is each piece timeless, beautiful, and made by hand?
  • Are the artists clearly credited and represented?
  • Are all of our artisan partners being paid fairly?
  • Are we doing our part to limit waste?
  • Are we fostering mindful consumerism?

It hasn't been easy to come up with solutions for these difficult questions, but we can proudly answer 'yes'. 

There is something special about being in a beautiful space, and decor and design certainly play a role there. However, to be able to have something beautiful, know it's history, to see who made it and why, these are the makings of true beauty and treasured keepsakes. 

We genuinely hope our product offerings bring you a sense of beauty and share a story of the hands that made them for you.