about us

Welcome to Morning Market, a virtual gift shop filled with handmade, vintage, and curated items for you, your home, and the children in your life. 

At Morning Market, people come before profits. We care deeply about the impact our purchasing habits make on the world. That's why more than 80% of our shop offerings are sustainably sourced, support artists and their handicrafts, or are carefully selected vintage items.

You will find a photo and detailed description about each artisan behind the handcrafted items we offer. Giving specific credit and proper representation to each artist is essential to their continued livelihoods. Please feel free to message us for additional information about our artisan partners!

There is something special about being in a beautiful space, and decor and design certainly play a role there. However, to be able to have something beautiful, know it's history, to see who made it and why, these are the makings of true beauty and treasured keepsakes. 

We genuinely hope our product offerings bring you a sense of beauty and share a story of the hands that made them for you. 

xx Riley Hyde-Chou

founder & creator of Morning Market